wk 15: Finger Painting: “Otis”

So at first i think i was thinking too much about it that i was not enjoying it. i was watching tv and i was thinking about my next step and i felt like it should be flowing. so i turned off the tv and put some Otis Redding music on. and after staring at my white, teal and purple little containers of paint i finally felt like it was a flowing feeling. so i started and just went for it. its nothing really, just how i was feeling at the moment listening to some really good music. i title my piece “Otis” because he helped me out in this moment, Otis saved me yet again. i feel like this was easy when i stopped thinking about it. its easy to let the mind over analyze and prevent you from creative thinking sometimes. this experience with some music really calmed me down for a few minutes. reminded me that among finals, work, family responsibilities its always a good idea to just flow with things.



Wk 15: Artist Conversation: Ariel Maldonado

This week I met Ariel Maldonado who was selling her work over at the Gatov East Gallery. She is a CSULB forth year student working on her degree in Fine Arts; Ceramics. Her love of ceramics started after taking a class in high school. In the future Ariel would like to eventually have her own studio and continue selling her art work. In the meantime before she has her own set up, she intends to work as an assistant to other artist and learn inside traits to help her future.

Because this was an event where many artists were selling their work, there was no personal set up for her work. Ariel’s work was exhibited over the span of a few tables. The art gallery was multicolored and had many artists’ work including lots of ceramic vases, plates, bowls, and sculptures. I enjoyed the array of colors through the gallery and liked that the decal of the artists name was on the wall near their work. It felt professional and official. Ariel’s work was mostly small ceramic vases with succulents. Majority of them were small in dark colors of black and dark gray. Majority of her ceramics had a gold rim, and included a cracking effect on the sides of the vases. This allowed for a small amount of color to appear to be piercing through. She also had several dark plates hanging on the wall under her name. These plates were also dark colored and were no meant to be for eating, they were just art decoration. The succulents were small and traditional. The colors of her work were beautiful because of the contrast of vibrant green against black and dark gray.

colored crack

The work Ariel was selling was done over the Thanksgiving break and allowed Ariel to create bits of charming ceramics. Ariel mentioned that she decided on the cracking affect for her vases because she is interested in the idea of color breaking through darkness. The succulent are some of her favorite flowers and believes that many people like them because they are common and easy to take care of. She has received positive reviews of her ceramics which helped her to continue making them for sale.

I enjoyed Ariel’s art work very much. I too love succulents and when I saw them they made me very happy. I think the bright color in a dark vase was beautiful and brings two different contrasts together. Knowing that Ariel did so many products in just a short amount of time adds value to her art work because they are finished beautifully.  Although there are other colors used her dark ceramics were the most popular because they are able to fit any location to decorate. A product like this with succulents is defiantly going to sell out and bring her much more recognition for her future work.

Valeria G and i enjoying the art sale!

The following pictures were not from my artist Ariel but they were awesome pieces!


I bought this button because i miss him. #Prince4ever 

EC: Thoughts about ART 110

Overall this class was great. I really looked forward to this class because it was different from a normal classroom setting. I felt like I got a lot more fresh air in this class. It was very interactive and did make me have to break out of my shell a bit. I enjoyed meeting new people both in my class and artists. I wish we could have had another speaker in the classroom though because I really enjoy hearing someone speaks in front of me about their progress. The work load was not extremely heavy but it was defiantly there. Most of the time I tried to finish at least 1 assignment of the 3 before the weekend. The other 2 were worked on through sat and Sunday. The assignments were no very hard but some did take up a good amount of time. But overall it was manageable as a college student. I think this class helped me work on time management skills. I enjoyed the assignments given but my top three were

  • Graffiti writing: I really enjoyed the feel of the spray can in my hand. There was some sort of freedom to it.
  • Art Care Package: I have a memory box so this one would have easily come from materials in there. Plus looking through good ole momentous brings back beautiful memories.
  • Zines: I created a zine book and I really liked it. I enjoyed the possibility to submit absolute randomness without any restrictions or guidelines to be met.

There were also some activities that I did not enjoy:

  • Plaster Casting: following steps with a timely manner have never been my Fortier.
  • Vlogs: didn’t like that I had to download an app for it and now am getting notifications for it and other unnecessary stuff.
  • Automatic Drawing and Landscapes with a corpse: these 2 were just tough for me because they involved someone else to help me or do it with me. I don’t have a tripod or self-timing camera and I needed a photographer. The automatic drawing I didn’t even do because I couldn’t find a partner. If this is a class I am taking I feel that assignments should be able to be completed by just myself.

This class being a hybrid was alright but I did feel like that was the reason for a lot of work over the weekend. If 2 days in class for this class happens the maybe that can help have less work for the weekend. I personally like face to face over online so im glad we at least had one day to meet.

Artist conversations are a little tough because I notice that not everyone would ask questions. Some people would just gather around another person asking questions ad take their notes, its kind of like a freebie for some people. I would talk because no one else would.

I would defiantly say that the weekly blogs from you to help with assignments for the week are necessary because they provide a lot of detail. I im confused about something then I just re read your blog and im like, ok got it!

Unless you are an art major I don’t think an eportfolio is useful. I will be deleting my word press once the class is over. I don’t like to be out there publicly like this.

The videos were ok, it seems to take the place of a long class lecture, I liked how in accordance to our weekly blog wasn’t meant to be formal so that helped me out a lot. If it had to be formal then I think that would be a lot of work.


Wk 12: artist Conversation: Sage Garver

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Foam, Paint, wired plastic film

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutch Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: None

This week I had the lucky privilege of walking into BIO; an installation by Sage Garver. Garver is in her last semester at CSULB and is working toward receiving her BA in sculpture. The installation BIO reflects on her personal struggle with several illnesses she has faced in her life. The exhibit is her thesis showcase. In the future Sage hopes to continue showcasing her pieces in art studios.

When I entered the gallery it seemed to be a simple exhibit until you really focused on what the exhibit as showing you. The gallery was illuminated by natural light and white lightbulbs. The walls were white and had sculptures attached to them in the same color. Three of the four gallery’s walls were covered in sculptures that resembled organelles of a cell.  In the center there was a metallic plastic film circle sculpture that was representing the nucleus of the cell. Attached to the nucleus were gold chains extending out and to the floor. The chains were spread out and crisscrossed over each other.  Attached to the end of one gold chain was a plastic gold fork that hovered a few feet above the ground. .


Sage Garver’s exhibition of BIO gave us her portrayal of the inside of a cell; literally. The white room and its sculptures signified the many components of our composition. These cells can make us very sick or keep us very healthy. Sage expressed that throughout her years she has faced several moments of sicknesses; some more serious than others.  All, except one wall, are covered in organelle sculptures. Garver left this wall with only one organelle to let the viewer interpret if the cell is in the process of becoming healthier or sicker. While the nucleus is usually the most important and strong part of a cell her exhibit shows it as a fragile and spacious part. The gold chains give the nucleus importance but it also seems to be flimsy and being pulled apart. Sage wanted to emphasize the importance of proper eating by placing a gold fork at the end of one of the gold chains. Through doing so Garver wants to show the importance that eating healthy is a main component to good health. Proper or healthy eating can determine the body’s longevity. Overall Sage hopes that her exhibit makes people aware of their bodies and the power they have in determining the success of their life.

As a nursing student I felt drawn to Sage’s exhibit. I believe that science and art together can really make people aware of their surroundings and can spark their interest in both subjects. They are at two ends of the spectrum but this exhibit brings them together in a great way. It is no surprise that our food choices help determine the quality of our bodies. I think Sage’s interpretation of adding a fork to the end of one of the gold chains is very strong and important. When I saw this fork I noticed the color of it and connected it with importance and wealth. If I think about gold regarding wealth and importance than I think that good and healthy food makes the fork a powerful and helpful tool. But then I thought about gold and how heavy it is. I related the heaviness to bad food and how the wrong food cannot only make you heavier literally but can also bring down the systems the help the body function. The wall that Sage decided to leave with only one organelle is really up for debate. I could not decide whether it was getting sick or getting better. I think this is because I related it to my experience when I was in and out of the hospital over the time period of a year. I remember having both good and bad days. Good days I would feel like my sick cells were becoming stronger, and bad days I felt like all my cells were just dying. So seeing this wall made me a little uneasy because it can literally mean good and bad and the difference between the two can change within a few hours. This almost plain wall is a very symbolic feature and I think anyone who has been seriously sick can relate to my feelings and will also have a hard time sticking to a decision. I really enjoyed Sage’s exhibit of BIO. I hope it made people feel somewhat more connected to themselves and encourages them to make healthier choices in their daily lives.

Wk 11: Artist conversation: Caryn Aasness

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: Waste of Time Waste of Time Waste of Time

Media: Fiber, weaving, yarn

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: @levelyellowproblemchild

Caryn Aasness is a current CSULB student in her lasts semester and is pursuing a Degree in Fine Arts; Textile. In the future she hopes to continue to work with art and be able to show case her ideas and views of the world through art. She would like to work with design text or wall paper in the future. The art of weaving; which is exhibited in her installation, was learned here at CSULB through a class she took 2 years ago.

The gallery has its doors opened and natural light along with the white light bulbs illuminated the gallery. On all sides are hanging weaved tapestries. They range from small pieces; about 1ft x 2ft to larger pieces of about 5ft x 5 ft. All the pieces are very colorful and vibrant. If you look straight into the gallery you see one of the larger pieces hanging that has the words “To call it cute is to mis-understand” This is the only tapestry that has a visible word on it. For all other pieces there is a hidden spelled out message weaved into it. The insert next to each of the tapestries reveal the message. They are a mixture of simple lullaby lyrics, quotes, and sayings that we use. Caryn did not have a typical name for her installation. Instead of having a statement with a title she decided to weave the name of the installation and have people decipher it for themselves. Valeria Gonzalez, Linney Sar and myself took our time to decipher this message. Caryn let us know that each color represented a letter and the letters of the alphabet were formatted one letter to each column. The number of rows would vary by however many words were included in the message. After several attempts at deciphering the installations title we finally resulted with “Waste of time Waste of time Waste of time” We verified this with Caryn and she confirmed our message. Along with a secret message tapestry, near the entrance there was a large paper that was a map of emotions felt towards the gallery. Its starts off with position # 1 that reads “Weaving is a vehicle for color, color is a vehicle for language, language is a vehicle for ideas” it then asks you a question with 3 options to direct you what is the next step that you should read on this chart. The destinations on this chart are related to the motions felt about the installation. There are several destinations on this chart; some are veered towards those who do not quite find the installations meaning, and some are veered towards those who seem to relate to the messages of the art work and can find a correlation between the sayings and their own personal life.

When I first walked into this gallery I did immediately try to find a meaning behind it, I hardly read the destinations chart and quickly moved on to the tapestries. Obviously because I did this I did not understand the installation right away. I somewhat had an idea of what to do by watching a fellow classmate trying to make out the word on the insert of one of the tapestries. I then returned to the destination chart and understood that I first needed to spend some time with the tapestry and see their inserts and try to make out the sentence of each. After having done so, I found the sentences and read the chart and proceeded to speak to Caryn Aasness. She confirmed what I had been thinking about the installation. Caryn said that her installation was about looking into things with patience and trying to find a deeper meaning that what just meets the eye. The installation came from her views that society does not take time with seeing truth behind things. We are quick to judge, quick to give up, quick to see and then move on quickly. Through her installation she tries to make people go through what some may find uncommon and uncomfortable and tries to make us spend time on trying to develop a meaning behind things. But most importantly not only does she make us work for the piece right in from of our eyes she also forces us to find the connection between one tapestry and the next. After she does this she wanted to have people address their emotions and feeling through the destination chart and bring her journey of color, language and art to a culmination of emotions found through art. Caryn said that the actual making of the art pieces took a long time; about 20 hours each piece and she hopes along the way that someone would reflect on that and learn to appreciate the value of someone spending such a great amount of time  on creating something. She ended out conversation by saying that there is always something to find if you are just willing to spend the time looking.

I literally felt a sense of happiness when I walked into the gallery. The colors and sizes of the tapestries made me feel joy and drew me in. But when I read each insert I was confused and I didn’t know what I was quite looking at. It was after mimicking one of my classmates that I understood that the inserts were coded in the tapestry themselves. After reading each tapestry I decide on my favorite one titled PalahNiuk which read “Nothing of me is original I am the combined efforts of everyone I have ever known” I had heard this quote before and I feel like as you go about life you meet people who change you, it’s not to say that you aren’t your own person but in reality so much of who you are is because of others. Since we are little kids we are instilled with certain morals and views and it’s through our efforts that we express these characteristics. But along the way we sometimes meet people who hurt us and others who fix us and we change for better and sometimes for the worse. So I believe this quote to be very true. I did find a connection between the inserts because I saw them as steps of life. I think they were all sayings that we have either grown up with or said ourselves about life situations. Finally after reading her main insert; destination chart I followed it and it brought me to the final destination which read” Existing structures can be uncomfortable to live within. It is comforting to know that others also question the structures. Let’s be uncomfortable together” I like my final stop, I think I can definitely relate to it and I do agree with her; as long as you not totally alone then it’s ok. But overall I know the message of the installation was to spend time on something ad not to just give things a quick look. I think as or society grows with technology and we get caught up with making money and consumption; we often forget to look around and find true meaning behind things. After realizing this in the gallery I did take a look at the tapestry and appreciated her work. Some pieces were very large and I can just imagine how much detail and delicate skill went into them. I think many of us have forgotten to appreciate and value hard work like this, this installation it was a nice reminder to look around and make the time to feel.

seeking meaning


Wk 10: Artist Conversation: Alicia Keyworth

Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Oddments

Media: Denim Jeans, Cotton Thread dyed with Indigo, Yarn Scraps

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Aliciakeyworth.com

Instagram: aliciakeyworth

This week I had the pleasure of conversation with Alicia Keyworth. She is a current CSULB student who is in her final year and attempting to get her BFA in fiber. She currently works as a lab tech in one of the art departments on campus and usually cleans up when they day is done. This is partly where her idea came from for her installation of Oddments. In the future she hopes to become an art teacher with her credentials but still does not know what grade she would like to focus on. This is her first solo show in the galleries but has previously done group work. Like many of us; Alicia is interested and concerned about the population consumption and waste of material goods. Her installation presents an alternate to such waste that we produce from minor goods.

The Dutzi gallery is a very small space so it is a nice area to present your idea intimately. The gallery is lit in white and has the doors open to give it natural light and give a feeling of openness. The gallery also has a particular smell to it. It sells like fabric and incents although there are no incents. On the floor there are 3 pieces that are made to represent sitting furniture but look like bean bags. From afar the bags look like they are made from a few large pieces of fabric, but up close you can tell that they are made from hundreds if not thousands of individual pieces of thread and fabric that have come together. The main color tone of them is blue but also has threads of red, yellow and white. Hanging around the gallery are also several pieces of clothing that were made by Alicia. There are two vests like looking pieces. The first is on the left of the gallery and appears to be a larger fit as for a man because of its broader shoulders. This has a mostly blue tone and is shaped as a “V” with no sleeves. On the other side of the gallery there is a more feminine looking top that appears to be fitted smaller. This top has a horizontal line pattern in white, black, gray and a sand color. It is a sleeveless piece with a v neck and the left side of the top is longer than the right. Finally, in between the two tops, in the corner there is what appears to be a dress hanging. After speaking to Alicia she clarified that it was a jumpsuit. This jumpsuit has a main tone of tan and yellow with scraps of other threads sewn in. It has straps and has lengthy side drapes while the middle is shorter. It’s a very nice jumpsuit and can defiantly be a piece that many would include in their wardrobe.

Alicia Keyworth’s installation; Oddments, took quite an amount of time to create. The idea stemmed form several eye opening experiences she had recently been through. Alicia works as a lab tech in the art department and usually picks up materials discarded at the end of the day. The amount of material that is wasted or thrown out at the end of the day was astonishing to her. She saw firsthand the amount of waste that we produce. Alicia also saw a documentary called “ the true cost” directed by Andrew Morgan, that gives an inside look at the mass production, waste of materials and the horrible conditions that people in other countries are put through to produce these items. Alicia is strongly against such treatment of people, along with the poor quality of much of the product they are forced to make. She is also not very fond of Forever 21 products. She says that the quality of their work is not good and the sweatshops are some of the worst. Although she is not forcing ideas on anyone; she does advise to shop mindfully. Alicia advises to make sure that products bought are environmentally justified, of good quality, and come from producers who are well established and provide their workers with good working conditions. Alicia says that Oddments was an eye opening experience because she worked everything by hand. After collecting she cleaned and sewed all the pieces together which took a substantial amount of time. After deeper though she established that her sitting furniture, although they are chairs of some sort, are actually supposed to represent landfills. It is the meeting point of all that we have discarded. She also mentioned that the seats are stuffed with donated clothes that she got from her family and friends. Along with shopping at 2nd hand stress for her wardrobe she also makes several of her own pieces and also tries to but articles of clothing that have some sort of culture and craft behind it. She values this more than anything else and tries to show this through her installation.

I really liked Oddments by Alicia Keyworth. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the smell of the gallery. It kind of had a mixture of incents and wilderness. It transported me to somewhere else; it was weird and different but very cool. The clothing pieces were very beautiful and appeared cultural. My favorite was the yellow jumpsuit in the corner. It was very interesting to see that such a variety of thread and fabric would create something so nice and fashionable. I can see myself owning that piece for next summer, as I’m sure many other people would agree. The sitting furniture was also very cool. They did remind me of bean bags, but these were with style and I think that many people would purchase them for their living spaces. Once you look at Alicia’s statement and hear her thoughts about the installation you realize that there is a lesson behind. The installation showed me that there really is no need for waste, whatever is discarded after making one piece can be used to make something else. Even though Alicia’s installation took a long time; corporations have machines and more hands to work at a faster pace, so I know that it is possible. This installation reminded me to shop mindfully; there are so many articles of clothing that I have only worn once and spent a lot of money on. I admit that sometimes I still shop at Forever 21 and maybe that is not such a great idea anymore. I will try to buy clothing that has more of caution environmentally and come from producers that are well qualified. Since Alicia worked on these garments, I hope that in the future she decides to make more and sells them to the public; I am sure she would have a long list of buyers.


me and the jumpsuit

Wk 10: Fiber Art Social Network

Some of the Classmates i have meet these past few weeks:

So this was a pretty cool art activity. we got to see the connections we have made over the past 10 weeks. i decided to do the artist conversation first just to get that out of the way, so when i went upstairs to the office i saw string everywhere. and people seemed to be having fun. its like of like seeing your connections on snapchat/facebook/instagram in real life. can you imagine how crazy it be to do n even bigger scale of this?! but it was nice to see everyone looking for their little spot on the wall and trying to make connections. i decided to put my pic over on the far right corner of the room where it was less busy. i had just put my pic up turned around to grab some string and turned back to already find someone had made a connection to my pic, that was awesome. i mostly used red string to make my connections for classmate conversations but also used so,e white string since me and some of the girls (Hailey, Valeria, & Linney) usually do our artist conversations. this reminded me of that Hollywood game “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” its basically naming a person in Hollywood and somehow you can trace it back to Kevin Bacon within 6 people. lol.

Wk 9: Special Art Care Package for Aunties to be.

This weeks activity called for us to build an art care package to someone, well i know this may not be the exact rules for the activity but i’m going to give my care package to all the ladies who are  “Aunties To Be” because being an auntie is also an art form! on Friday 10.21.16 at 8:32pm i helped bring my first nephew; Mateo Joaquin Rios Sanchez into this world. what an amazing and tiresome experience. All of my school responsibilities were put on hold, i mean i just uploaded my artist conversation in time, so i do this activity with hopes that it makes the grade! So, this care package i “send” to all the aunties to be who will actively partake in the birth of their nephew or niece. i send you the following that includes what i used in my experience and things i wish i would have packed…..

  1. Comfy Clothes: Leggings, hoodie, sweater, t-shirt/long sleeve. please leave anything tight, short, uncomfortable at home. you are going to be doing a tremendous amount of waiting/moving in clothes that you need to feel good and comfortable in. preferably take an extra change of undies, socks, and t-shirt as you may be staying in the hospital for more than a day.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: again, this is is a waiting game, so you are going to be on your feet so be comfy. if you are lucky like me; you’re gonna get to help in active labor and that can last anywhere between 15 minutes or 4hours+.
  3. Deodorant, Chap stick, Wipes, Hair ties: to smell clean, to save your lips, to freshen up, and to keep your hair out of your face when it comes down to business.
  4. Gum, Snacks, Juices, Water: you aren’t at home and sometimes you never know what can happen from one moment to the next so a full corse meal is not very likely to happen. so pack plenty to drink and munch on just in case you cant leave the room to get a bite to eat.
  5. Dollar bills and Change: In case you do get lucky and do have time to stock up on vending machine goodies or even get to eat exquisite meals at the very popular; Hospital Cafeteria!
  6. Something to pass the time: a good book, headphones so that you can listen to your music, or playing cards. Time goes faster when your keeping busy.
  7. Phone Charger: Because i’m sure you are basically gonna die without you phone.
  8. Camera: Because DUH!
  9. Tylenol: Mama saved me with this one as i did not have pain meds on me. reason for this is because you’re going to maybe nap in a very uncomfortable and tiny couch or chair and your body will bend in ways that when you wake up every muscle aches and hurts. And if you help in active labor you WILL be sore! Thank goodness for drugs!
  10. Backpack: Finally, u gotta put all these things in a convenient grab and go bag. a purse simply wont do! Try to pack everything in a backpack like bag so that your hands can be free to help carry things from location to location when the time comes. Because believe me when everything is done and its time to change rooms its gonna look like your going on a weeks long vacation with all the bags.

So i hope my care package has necessities that will help you be an awesome support system to the mommy to be. remember that this is a great time for everyone and to enjoy the moment. Your life will be changed forever and all the sleepiness and feelings of exhaustion and muscle aches will be worth it!

The goods!
The Good!