wk 15: Finger Painting: “Otis”

So at first i think i was thinking too much about it that i was not enjoying it. i was watching tv and i was thinking about my next step and i felt like it should be flowing. so i turned off the tv and put some Otis Redding music on. and after staring at my white, teal and purple little containers of paint i finally felt like it was a flowing feeling. so i started and just went for it. its nothing really, just how i was feeling at the moment listening to some really good music. i title my piece “Otis” because he helped me out in this moment, Otis saved me yet again. i feel like this was easy when i stopped thinking about it. its easy to let the mind over analyze and prevent you from creative thinking sometimes. this experience with some music really calmed me down for a few minutes. reminded me that among finals, work, family responsibilities its always a good idea to just flow with things.



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