Wk 15: Artist Conversation: Ariel Maldonado

This week I met Ariel Maldonado who was selling her work over at the Gatov East Gallery. She is a CSULB forth year student working on her degree in Fine Arts; Ceramics. Her love of ceramics started after taking a class in high school. In the future Ariel would like to eventually have her own studio and continue selling her art work. In the meantime before she has her own set up, she intends to work as an assistant to other artist and learn inside traits to help her future.

Because this was an event where many artists were selling their work, there was no personal set up for her work. Ariel’s work was exhibited over the span of a few tables. The art gallery was multicolored and had many artists’ work including lots of ceramic vases, plates, bowls, and sculptures. I enjoyed the array of colors through the gallery and liked that the decal of the artists name was on the wall near their work. It felt professional and official. Ariel’s work was mostly small ceramic vases with succulents. Majority of them were small in dark colors of black and dark gray. Majority of her ceramics had a gold rim, and included a cracking effect on the sides of the vases. This allowed for a small amount of color to appear to be piercing through. She also had several dark plates hanging on the wall under her name. These plates were also dark colored and were no meant to be for eating, they were just art decoration. The succulents were small and traditional. The colors of her work were beautiful because of the contrast of vibrant green against black and dark gray.

colored crack

The work Ariel was selling was done over the Thanksgiving break and allowed Ariel to create bits of charming ceramics. Ariel mentioned that she decided on the cracking affect for her vases because she is interested in the idea of color breaking through darkness. The succulent are some of her favorite flowers and believes that many people like them because they are common and easy to take care of. She has received positive reviews of her ceramics which helped her to continue making them for sale.

I enjoyed Ariel’s art work very much. I too love succulents and when I saw them they made me very happy. I think the bright color in a dark vase was beautiful and brings two different contrasts together. Knowing that Ariel did so many products in just a short amount of time adds value to her art work because they are finished beautifully.  Although there are other colors used her dark ceramics were the most popular because they are able to fit any location to decorate. A product like this with succulents is defiantly going to sell out and bring her much more recognition for her future work.

Valeria G and i enjoying the art sale!

The following pictures were not from my artist Ariel but they were awesome pieces!


I bought this button because i miss him. #Prince4ever 

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