EC: Thoughts about ART 110

Overall this class was great. I really looked forward to this class because it was different from a normal classroom setting. I felt like I got a lot more fresh air in this class. It was very interactive and did make me have to break out of my shell a bit. I enjoyed meeting new people both in my class and artists. I wish we could have had another speaker in the classroom though because I really enjoy hearing someone speaks in front of me about their progress. The work load was not extremely heavy but it was defiantly there. Most of the time I tried to finish at least 1 assignment of the 3 before the weekend. The other 2 were worked on through sat and Sunday. The assignments were no very hard but some did take up a good amount of time. But overall it was manageable as a college student. I think this class helped me work on time management skills. I enjoyed the assignments given but my top three were

  • Graffiti writing: I really enjoyed the feel of the spray can in my hand. There was some sort of freedom to it.
  • Art Care Package: I have a memory box so this one would have easily come from materials in there. Plus looking through good ole momentous brings back beautiful memories.
  • Zines: I created a zine book and I really liked it. I enjoyed the possibility to submit absolute randomness without any restrictions or guidelines to be met.

There were also some activities that I did not enjoy:

  • Plaster Casting: following steps with a timely manner have never been my Fortier.
  • Vlogs: didn’t like that I had to download an app for it and now am getting notifications for it and other unnecessary stuff.
  • Automatic Drawing and Landscapes with a corpse: these 2 were just tough for me because they involved someone else to help me or do it with me. I don’t have a tripod or self-timing camera and I needed a photographer. The automatic drawing I didn’t even do because I couldn’t find a partner. If this is a class I am taking I feel that assignments should be able to be completed by just myself.

This class being a hybrid was alright but I did feel like that was the reason for a lot of work over the weekend. If 2 days in class for this class happens the maybe that can help have less work for the weekend. I personally like face to face over online so im glad we at least had one day to meet.

Artist conversations are a little tough because I notice that not everyone would ask questions. Some people would just gather around another person asking questions ad take their notes, its kind of like a freebie for some people. I would talk because no one else would.

I would defiantly say that the weekly blogs from you to help with assignments for the week are necessary because they provide a lot of detail. I im confused about something then I just re read your blog and im like, ok got it!

Unless you are an art major I don’t think an eportfolio is useful. I will be deleting my word press once the class is over. I don’t like to be out there publicly like this.

The videos were ok, it seems to take the place of a long class lecture, I liked how in accordance to our weekly blog wasn’t meant to be formal so that helped me out a lot. If it had to be formal then I think that would be a lot of work.



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