Wk 12: artist Conversation: Sage Garver

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Foam, Paint, wired plastic film

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutch Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: None

This week I had the lucky privilege of walking into BIO; an installation by Sage Garver. Garver is in her last semester at CSULB and is working toward receiving her BA in sculpture. The installation BIO reflects on her personal struggle with several illnesses she has faced in her life. The exhibit is her thesis showcase. In the future Sage hopes to continue showcasing her pieces in art studios.

When I entered the gallery it seemed to be a simple exhibit until you really focused on what the exhibit as showing you. The gallery was illuminated by natural light and white lightbulbs. The walls were white and had sculptures attached to them in the same color. Three of the four gallery’s walls were covered in sculptures that resembled organelles of a cell.  In the center there was a metallic plastic film circle sculpture that was representing the nucleus of the cell. Attached to the nucleus were gold chains extending out and to the floor. The chains were spread out and crisscrossed over each other.  Attached to the end of one gold chain was a plastic gold fork that hovered a few feet above the ground. .


Sage Garver’s exhibition of BIO gave us her portrayal of the inside of a cell; literally. The white room and its sculptures signified the many components of our composition. These cells can make us very sick or keep us very healthy. Sage expressed that throughout her years she has faced several moments of sicknesses; some more serious than others.  All, except one wall, are covered in organelle sculptures. Garver left this wall with only one organelle to let the viewer interpret if the cell is in the process of becoming healthier or sicker. While the nucleus is usually the most important and strong part of a cell her exhibit shows it as a fragile and spacious part. The gold chains give the nucleus importance but it also seems to be flimsy and being pulled apart. Sage wanted to emphasize the importance of proper eating by placing a gold fork at the end of one of the gold chains. Through doing so Garver wants to show the importance that eating healthy is a main component to good health. Proper or healthy eating can determine the body’s longevity. Overall Sage hopes that her exhibit makes people aware of their bodies and the power they have in determining the success of their life.

As a nursing student I felt drawn to Sage’s exhibit. I believe that science and art together can really make people aware of their surroundings and can spark their interest in both subjects. They are at two ends of the spectrum but this exhibit brings them together in a great way. It is no surprise that our food choices help determine the quality of our bodies. I think Sage’s interpretation of adding a fork to the end of one of the gold chains is very strong and important. When I saw this fork I noticed the color of it and connected it with importance and wealth. If I think about gold regarding wealth and importance than I think that good and healthy food makes the fork a powerful and helpful tool. But then I thought about gold and how heavy it is. I related the heaviness to bad food and how the wrong food cannot only make you heavier literally but can also bring down the systems the help the body function. The wall that Sage decided to leave with only one organelle is really up for debate. I could not decide whether it was getting sick or getting better. I think this is because I related it to my experience when I was in and out of the hospital over the time period of a year. I remember having both good and bad days. Good days I would feel like my sick cells were becoming stronger, and bad days I felt like all my cells were just dying. So seeing this wall made me a little uneasy because it can literally mean good and bad and the difference between the two can change within a few hours. This almost plain wall is a very symbolic feature and I think anyone who has been seriously sick can relate to my feelings and will also have a hard time sticking to a decision. I really enjoyed Sage’s exhibit of BIO. I hope it made people feel somewhat more connected to themselves and encourages them to make healthier choices in their daily lives.


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