Wk 10: Fiber Art Social Network

Some of the Classmates i have meet these past few weeks:

So this was a pretty cool art activity. we got to see the connections we have made over the past 10 weeks. i decided to do the artist conversation first just to get that out of the way, so when i went upstairs to the office i saw string everywhere. and people seemed to be having fun. its like of like seeing your connections on snapchat/facebook/instagram in real life. can you imagine how crazy it be to do n even bigger scale of this?! but it was nice to see everyone looking for their little spot on the wall and trying to make connections. i decided to put my pic over on the far right corner of the room where it was less busy. i had just put my pic up turned around to grab some string and turned back to already find someone had made a connection to my pic, that was awesome. i mostly used red string to make my connections for classmate conversations but also used so,e white string since me and some of the girls (Hailey, Valeria, & Linney) usually do our artist conversations. this reminded me of that Hollywood game “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” its basically naming a person in Hollywood and somehow you can trace it back to Kevin Bacon within 6 people. lol.


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