Wk 9: Special Art Care Package for Aunties to be.

This weeks activity called for us to build an art care package to someone, well i know this may not be the exact rules for the activity but i’m going to give my care package to all the ladies who are  “Aunties To Be” because being an auntie is also an art form! on Friday 10.21.16 at 8:32pm i helped bring my first nephew; Mateo Joaquin Rios Sanchez into this world. what an amazing and tiresome experience. All of my school responsibilities were put on hold, i mean i just uploaded my artist conversation in time, so i do this activity with hopes that it makes the grade! So, this care package i “send” to all the aunties to be who will actively partake in the birth of their nephew or niece. i send you the following that includes what i used in my experience and things i wish i would have packed…..

  1. Comfy Clothes: Leggings, hoodie, sweater, t-shirt/long sleeve. please leave anything tight, short, uncomfortable at home. you are going to be doing a tremendous amount of waiting/moving in clothes that you need to feel good and comfortable in. preferably take an extra change of undies, socks, and t-shirt as you may be staying in the hospital for more than a day.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: again, this is is a waiting game, so you are going to be on your feet so be comfy. if you are lucky like me; you’re gonna get to help in active labor and that can last anywhere between 15 minutes or 4hours+.
  3. Deodorant, Chap stick, Wipes, Hair ties: to smell clean, to save your lips, to freshen up, and to keep your hair out of your face when it comes down to business.
  4. Gum, Snacks, Juices, Water: you aren’t at home and sometimes you never know what can happen from one moment to the next so a full corse meal is not very likely to happen. so pack plenty to drink and munch on just in case you cant leave the room to get a bite to eat.
  5. Dollar bills and Change: In case you do get lucky and do have time to stock up on vending machine goodies or even get to eat exquisite meals at the very popular; Hospital Cafeteria!
  6. Something to pass the time: a good book, headphones so that you can listen to your music, or playing cards. Time goes faster when your keeping busy.
  7. Phone Charger: Because i’m sure you are basically gonna die without you phone.
  8. Camera: Because DUH!
  9. Tylenol: Mama saved me with this one as i did not have pain meds on me. reason for this is because you’re going to maybe nap in a very uncomfortable and tiny couch or chair and your body will bend in ways that when you wake up every muscle aches and hurts. And if you help in active labor you WILL be sore! Thank goodness for drugs!
  10. Backpack: Finally, u gotta put all these things in a convenient grab and go bag. a purse simply wont do! Try to pack everything in a backpack like bag so that your hands can be free to help carry things from location to location when the time comes. Because believe me when everything is done and its time to change rooms its gonna look like your going on a weeks long vacation with all the bags.

So i hope my care package has necessities that will help you be an awesome support system to the mommy to be. remember that this is a great time for everyone and to enjoy the moment. Your life will be changed forever and all the sleepiness and feelings of exhaustion and muscle aches will be worth it!

The goods!
The Good!

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