Wk 8 Gardens Sketches


Bamboo around the pond

The art sketching in the garden was really nice. I had never been to our garden before, so this was a really nice treat. It literally felt like i walked into another tiny world. I know there were art classes and another class in there exploring but, i hope to one day explore the garden when there are less people. I think it will be an even more special experience with less people. Im really glad this is part of the ciriculum. Loved all the duckies and the coi fish were crazy! They are so bigg and just chillin in the water, up until u start feeding them, then its like a crazy water fight.

30 second sketches. Bamboo shrub leaves. Sand pattern, fig seed on ground, dry tree

As far as our sketches, they were pretty cool.i am in no way a drawer, i resort to stick figures for goshsakes. Lol. But i did try with these sketches but its no prizewinner. I enjoyed doing the fast 30secsketches because time always has a funny way of mking you stress and create. But i think my quuck sketches came out pretty ok for 30 seconds. I enjoyed my 5 minute drawing of a willow tree. I knew i wasnt going to finish it all but i really trued to get as much done as possible. I think having a no erase rule is good for this activity because it takes up too much time and it takes away from the natural beauty of your work. I mean nothing is perfect in this world and i dnt think art should be either. Overall this was a fun activity. I enjoyed seeing eveyone work and enjoy the gardens as well. I think eveyone enjoyef ths experience.

Temple fountain


What my willow tree is supose to look like.

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