Wk 8: Classmate conversation: Adriana Maciel

Hey everyone! So this week I had a great time meeting one of our fellow classmates; Adriana Maciel. Adriana is currently a biology major with an emphasis on molecular biology! She was once interested in pharmaceuticals but decided to change paths since it seemed to be more business like instead of actually helping people. Good for you Adriana! During seasons where classes are in session Adriana (and myself) like to focus more on school related things. That means we kinda disappear from family and friend events for the semester. But it’s all good, we both know that sacrifices now will definitely be worth it in the future! When Adriana isn’t in school it time to catch up with family and friends over food. Lately her food craving is centered on Korean BBQ. Next moth she will be celebrating a birthday (Nov 27). So make sure you guys wish her a happy birthday. She will most likely be having her favorite food; her mom’s homemade lasagna. There are some dishes only mama can perfect! Along with being an avid coffee drinker, likes espresso shots straight up! She ain’t playing! She also loves Ben n Jerry’s chunk monkey for dessert! Yum! While I was talking Adriana a professor crossed our paths and started conversation with us. Turned out to be her self-defense professor of the class she took last semester. Meanwhile the conversation he asked about her leg and I learned that she had broken her leg in April. She was riding her skateboard and fell. That sucks! But she has a pretty cool scar on her ankle now, scars are always cool!

In reference to our weeks questions; Adriana thinks that the art of perfecting the eyeliner is underappreciated. What a great answer! I also applaud any woman and man who can do that killer wing! It’s a skill for sure! But like we both agree; practice makes perfect. It’s her one item that she must have on before she leaves the house. In the future she is going to have to play by hand to see what she would do if her child wanted to go into the art field. She’s grown up in a mostly science family so she thinks it might be a little surprising to have an art lover but only time will tell. Finally, even though her phone had died; she and I both agree that snapchat is our favorite app. It’s a pretty cool distraction and easy way to keep in touch with people. With our busy school schedules it defiantly helps us stay in the loop with fam and friends. But we both agree that during the semester our emails also get a lot of attention because of school related announcements.

Visit Adriana at her web page: https://adrianagmaciel.wordpress.com/



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