Wk 7 art activity Zines

One one side recipe for Piña Colads. On the other a “start” & “end”
Established 88
Math equations and civic duty insert from my jury duty summons
Love quote and falling alphabet
Me and my completed Zine.

This activity was a lot of fun! I was very excited to show my Zine but unfortuanetly i keep getting a “unable to upload media, an error occured” none the less, my zine was a quirky little book that had 10 pages. Random art works that i drew and put together. My first was a sketch of eye and an awesome eyebrow. I titles my Zine “Established 88” which is my birth year. Then i had a re ipe to make Piña coladas. Followed by a colorful aray of checkered boxes, a sketch of a city view, a page of math equations, the alphabet falling from the top to bottom, a love quote, an insert of my jury duty semons and finally a note that read “No ponies were harmed in the making of this product” on a my little pony backdrop. I hope that the error message goes away so that i may uplaod pictures. I feel horrible that i spent time on this and it wont let me upload 😦

YAAAAAAY! i tried again Monday morning and finally got my pictures to upload. Im so happy because my work was not in vain. Its a random collection of ideas, concepts that i was feeling at the moment. There really is no one direction my Zine is going. And i think i kind of like that. I like my finished product because its basically a collection of random things. Reminds me of life.


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