Whats my name?!

This was so much fun! I had been having a super stressful day and i purposely saved this activity for last just in case i needed it to relieve some weekend buildup. And it worked! First of all i LOVED my speay paint names “Blue Magic” & “Vampirella” that last one gives me the burgandy, fall, deep passion, color that is perfect for fall season fashion. Right ladies??? LOVE IT! i first started off with a quick sketch of my name, but to be honest i wanted to freehand the big piece. Then i just lind of went for it. The tips worked very well, excepr for 2 that i could simply NOT get to work. Differen tips allowed for slighlty different styles. I added aimple details to each letter and just aimply went for it. I had a blast doing this, it really did make me want to find a random wall and just go crazy with doodles. I know its weird but i also love the rattle sound the can makes when you shake it. Its like an anticipation builder. I had some music by The Smiths playing in the backround and had my doggies as company, although i had to shew them away a few times because i was afraid of the paint fumea. But overall this was a dun anwesome activity. I feel like now i understand why some people just LOVE THIS! this can be very addicting.


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