Linney & Valeria; My 2 Amigas!

This week i had the pleasure of interviewing two lovely young ladies; Linney Sar and Valeria Gonzalez!

Linney is a 4th year student at CSULB and is majoring in health science in community education. She also has an Asian Studies Certificate and is minoring in Khmer (Cambodian language) That’s pretty cool and sounds tough but i’m sure shes got it! Linney loves to cook; he favorite dish is Curry. Loves to bake, dance, and read. One of her favorite outdoorsey hobbies is hiking. Her favorite trail thus far has been the trails at the Zion National Park in Utah! I’ve seen advertisement to visit that park; it looks so beautiful! A few weeks ago Linney celebrated her birthday by going skydiving; WOAH!!! Thrill seeker for sure!

This weeks art question regarding what piece or form of art has gotten her to where she is at today brought  up her a high school art work. Its a piece that is abstract yet simple. When you look at the piece from afar you see colors and shapes, but once you look at it closely its her name at the center. Linney says that the fact that its so different when looking at it up close is kind of a reflection of her and how it is to meet new people. she especially has a lot of representation of herself in the colors she used to create her wok. Her tones are blue, brown and green, to which she described as very earthy, mellow and peaceful. Linney periodically reflects on this piece that she has up on her room when ever she is going through a stressful time and the colors relax her and bring her back to a center of peace.IMG_20160907_202252.jpg This is Linneys Masterpiece!

Valeria is a 3rd year student at CSULB pursuing a degree in Recreational Therapy. She decided to go for Rec. Therapy after noticing that she no longer had much interest in her initial pursuit of Biology. Valeria enjoys reading, binge watching TV hows (WHO DOESN’T!?) and dancing. But, don’t ask her to do it in public as she mostly enjoys dancing in her room. Hey, when you gotta dance; you gotta dance!

Valeria believes that there wasn’t a specific art piece or form that has gotten her here more like taking an art class in junior high and seeing its benefits. She said that at her school she noticed that an art class gave a lot of people peace and helped them express themselves and relax. So Valeria feels a connection to that moment with her career choice. Valeria knows that therapy comes in all sorts of ways and shes happy that art and recreational therapy both help people feel good physically and mentally.


Linney, Valeria, and myself.

Valeria’s website:

Linney’s website:


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