Hailei & Art Emotions

Hey guys! So this week i got the pleasure of meeting Hailei Reyes! This girl is a snapchat queen and I LOVE IT! as you can tell from our picture she looooves the flower crown filter. Hailei commutes to CSULB from the city of WestHollywood. Wow! I feel her, i commute from DTLA and that traffic is NO JOKE! Anyways she shared with me that she workes at Target. Who dznt love Target!?! …. so for this weeks Question i asked Hailei if she thinks that art is important. We both had similar responses, yay! Hailei said that of corse art was important because its a way to express wmotions in sometimes “non-emotional world” (i Totally agree!) Hailei thinks that art is a way to say aomething without actually saying something. Art is impprtant because it lets people think for themselves and contribute their ideas to others. She also brought up a good point in that art helps us understand things. Such as in school, if all we had to learn about the solar system were words we would never understand. But because there are paintings and sculptures and drawings of planets and stars we are able to be interested in different subjects and unserstand them. I never thought of that but shes absolutley right! I had a great time talking to Hailei, hope to spned more time this semester getting to know her….. and ill go visit her at target. For anyone who gets to have a convo with Hailei in the future; be prepared to show off your flower crown!

Flower power!!!

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