…and the beat goes on…

Dead body! Surrounded by albums of my favorite band; Coldplay. have headphones on to guide me into another world.
Different angle just to show the rest of the
And finally a close up. I like how my headphones are wrapped around my fingers like that. I see Kanye, Sam smith, Elvis and Interpool all got a close up!

Music has always been an incredibly important part of my life. I remember as a little girl being exposed to a variety of music. Weekends were full of Cumbias, Juan Gabriel, Spanish Rock, Elvis, and the Isley Brothers, among other greats. Till this day i turn to music to clear my mind, to soothe any doubts, to cry out emotions and to just celebrate!  That is why i believe that my last moments here on earth should be spent listening to music that ive come to love throught my life. For this activity i brought out my dads old vinyls, casset tapes, added on some of my cds, and adorned my walls with several band shirts and posters of artists that ive seen live. Theres nothing like live music. Overall this activity was really fun. I enjoyed finding all my old music and althpugh death is a rough subject, attaching music to it honestly made me feel happy.

I first cleaned out my room to make space for my “last moments”. This picture makes me a bit uneasy, im not used to such bare walls.
These were some posters and disks that i used to decorate my walls with. Gotta love Elvis!
More finished setting, all its missing is a corpse. Used my bed as a resting place because its super comfy and id like to be in a comfy place when i go. Lighitng is dim because i feel its more relaxing. Love my LadyGaga poster. Shes AMAZING! I dnt care what anyone says!
Blurry pic that i really liked



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